Instead of using a “Power Cleaning” setting on your printer (which will fill your maintenance tank quickly), try using one or all of the following files, that can be downloaded and printed, that have a pretty good chance of clearing up clogged print heads.

How these work: Each page is a Hex coded sheet of color that should match your 4 color sublimation ink. By printing each of these colors, in a full sheet form, just may clear your clogged printheads.

Don’t use Sublimation paper. Regular printer or copy paper is fine for this “printed power cleaning”. this may be repeated as necessary for all, or each of the colors, per your nozzle check print out.

Helpful hint: Once cleared, use your sublimation printer at LEAST twice per week. Just running a nozzle check on plain copy paper will help keep your printhead nozzles in good shape. Leaving this idle for long periods of time, will result in clogged nozzles as the ink dries in place.

The files below are provided at no charge. However, “Your Mileage May Vary”. Most of the time, this works without polluting your maintenance tank with lost ink.

Links below are .pdf files