Works in Process

10649470_1011205285613301_1910741427898755382_nThe holidays are over and it’s back to the grind. I thought I’d take the time to mention a few things and explain a bit more about what I do. Some of the bottles are simply inspired by my rural upbringing and my life experience since then. I make decanter’s that are ready for your bar or beverage. They can be used to dispense oil or vinegar. Memory bottles, milestones and wish bottles also. You are more than welcome to contact me via messenger to custom order a specific bottle. I enjoy your feedback and suggestions. I use papers, paints, photos and various bling. The 12-16 oz start at 5$ the fiths 750 ml start at 20.$ gallon bottles start at 25$. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via messenger. Thank you so much.


Darker Goth Bottle

I’m currently working on a darker goth bottle for a customer this is where I’m at with it. It’s kinda creepy cool how every piece has fit in so perfectly so far.

I was just playing around with some different items and remembered that I had taken some pictures of what I refer to has the hills have eyes. I’m considering finding a way to add it to this one.