Little Girls Dream

1424358_1009271192473377_1128735458285572841_nThese bottles are mine they each have pieces of my life reflected. My father always simply called me Girl the entire time I was growing up. After leaving a verbally and emotionally marriage my mother gave me a moon and stars and told me to reach for them. The Moonshine symbol for Moonshine Crafts is a little girls dream of having her own brand when she grew up. She was told she couldn’t have a brand like that. The roses I simply Love them, and for many years enjoyed raising them. I’m still reaching for the moon and the stars. Black has always been my favorite color. With purple and green coming in next. The green also reflects my Irish roots. Silver/chrome because I’ve always preferred it to gold.

Dusty Dirt Roads

10269618_1009206452479851_733736289703797239_nThis one reminds me of the dusty dirt roads that have grown over with time leading to an old homestead long abandoned. I use to follow the old paths on foot, later on a three Wheeler in the summers to these old abandoned places where once a family lived and wonder what their story was. I walked up old creaky stairs, its a wonder I didn’t fall through, lol.