Growing up in rural Idaho my first and best friend was my dog, Pup pup. I was three or four when I got him. He meant the world to me. We ranged far and wide all over. I tried to train him to be a cowdog he tried. Dad wasn’t so impressed he had to round up the cattle and rebuild the gate. So many adventures over a fairly short time together. I decided to run away from home I got hung up on the barbed wire fence I wasn’t going anywhere. He went back and got my mother’s attention and got her to follow him. It was a good thing I doubt that she would of found me without him. It was so devastating when he died. I was so fortunate that we had a place to bury him. Dad made a wooden cross for his grave. Many years have passed since then and I know that not everyone has the luxery of owning property to lay their beloved pet to rest. I’ve been asked by several people if I would consider making pet urns. Yes I will . If you’re interested in having me do something like that please pm me.